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Former VP of Growth at Sequoia Backed Telco
$1000 /mo
Monthly retainer
$750 /h
Min 10 hours blocks

Services offered

  • Product Positioning and Messaging

  • Market and Competitive Research

  • Copywriting

  • Content Marketing Strategy and Planning

  • Content Performance Measurement and Analysis

  • Campaign Structure and Setup


  • B2B

  • ConsumerTech

  • Marketplace

  • Real Estate

My Tools

  • Google Ads

  • Meta

  • Mixpanel

  • MySQL

  • Segment

What it’s like to work with me?

I believe that the only way to overcome a challenge is to do the hard work of getting it wrong, sometimes a lot, before you get it right.

I’m the kind of person you want to be on that journey with because I love bringing order to chaos, and because I’ve likely been there before with my own business and with my mentees and portfolio founders. Working with me means getting your hands dirty, testing hypotheses, adjusting our assumptions, and trying again. It means celebrating all the victories, big and small, and learning as much as we can from all the disappointments that are an inevitable part of your journey.

I promise radical candor, transparency, and accountability, even when that means saying “I don’t know” or “I made a mistake.” And I expect the same from my clients, employees, investors, customers, partners, and friends.

Who I am a great fit for?

I think I can best help if you are:

  1. Raising capital or considering raising capital
  2. Struggling to create a KPI structure and define what winning looks like
  3. Generating and testing new ideas for products, features, services, or marketing campaigns

Notable highlights

Raised $8.5M in equity from institutional investors in the US, EU & Singapore as well as from the Government of Bangladesh.
Deployed $6M to construct a 30K sq ft facility, build a team of 260, and grow revenues to $4MM+/year (88% CAGR).
Won $500K from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop novel nutritional supplements for pregnant women and children suffering from severe acute malnutrition.
Distributing own-branded products to 50K+ outlets and contract manufactured products to 700K+ outlets.
Deployed $127K to date across 10 Angel, Seed, and Series A investments in technology, entertainment, and real estate. 3 exits to date ($158K), with expected total value to paid-in capital of $506K (4.2x). Portfolio companies operating in Bangladesh, India, Ireland, Nigeria, Nepal, Russia, Sweden, and the US.

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