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Experimentation Lead for Multinational Location Tech Company
$300 /mo
Monthly retainer
$60 /h
Min 10 hours blocks

Services offered

  • Market and Competitive Research

  • Performance Measurement and Analysis

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Website and Landing Page Optimization

  • Funnel Analysis and Optimization

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)


  • Ecommerce

  • SaaS

  • Mobile Apps

  • D2C

My Tools

  • Google Ads

  • Meta

  • Mixpanel

  • MySQL

  • Segment

What it’s like to work with me?

Working with me, is like having an experienced navigator join you on your journey into CRO, A/B testing, and experimentation. With over six years in the field, I’m all about diving deep into the data to create effective strategies and give life to a thriving experimentation culture.

I’m the guy who takes your “I don’t know where to start” and transforms it to “Let’s start winning.” Because CRO and Experimentation is a process you can learn!

I’ll help you navigate the maze of A/B testing with a process-oriented approach, leverage data, and convert challenges into opportunities. I embody curiosity, perseverance and a passion for discovery that’s made me a winner of the Experimentation Culture Awards two consecutive years.

I’m here to supercharge your experiments, turn “uncertain” into “certain”, and the daunting into the doable. Expect clear communication, trust, a dash of humor, and shared excitement for every experiment and result achieved. Ready to fuel up your engine of growth?

Who I am a great fit for?

If you are someone who wants to supercharge experimentation and data-driven decision-making, we are likely to make a great team. I work best with:

  • Professionals eager to bolster their CRO and A/B testing processes, creating a strong experimentation culture within their teams.
  • Leaders, be they in startups or established companies, who acknowledge the relevance of consistent and structured experimentation for business growth.
  • Individuals who value active engagement, learning from each experiment, whether successful or not, and using those insights to refine future strategies.
  • People who understand that sometimes the most meaningful growth comes from asking the right questions and challenging the status quo. Whether you’re striving to build an experimentation culture within your company or aiming to increase your conversions and revenue, if you embrace experimentation as a growth strategy with continuous learning, we’re already on the same path.

Notable highlights

Experiment Lead at TomTom: Actively manage and implement strategies in CRO, and experimentation - growing App revenue by +100% YoY.
Developed a Systemic Process: Improved the experimentation processes from running 20 experiments to over 200 experiments in just a few months.
Multiple Award Winner: Recognized for contributions to the field by achieving the Experimentation Culture Awards in consecutive years, 2022 and 2023, reflecting my commitment towards creating a strong culture of experimentation.
Notable Speaker: Invited to deliver speeches at large-scale events, sharing my profound knowledge and hands-on experience in experimentation and growth processes.
Successful Track Record in Mentorship: Garnered positive testimonials from mentees to break down complex processes, empowering them to initiate and manage their experimentation processes effectively.

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