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Justyna Ciecierska-Göçeryan
Building Marketing Waiting Rooms™ 🦄 | Content | Demand-Gen | Inbound
$800 /mo
Monthly retainer
$160 /h
Min 10 hours blocks

What it's like to work with me?

Working with me means sticking to my battle-tested methodology called “The Big Bang Methodology”.

It’s designed for businesses that grew from 0 to 1 and got stuck at 1. It helps you switch from unscalable demand-capturing to scalable demand-generation strategies in 4 steps:

  1. Defining your ideal client profile
  2. Understanding the narratives that lead your potential buyers to the purchase decision
  3. Steering these narratives by creating content that intentionally leads your ideal buyers closer to purchasing your product
  4. Distributing this content through relevant channels

My clients say that working with me means a lot of WOW! and AHA! moments as well as blissful clarity on what their marketing should look like.

Who I am a great fit for?

B2B and B2C startups that grew from 0 to 1 and got stuck at 1.

If this is you:

❌ Your business grew from 0 to 1 and got stuck at 1.
❌ You haven’t hit your growth goals for a few consecutive months now.
❌ Every week you ask your team “How can we boost sales to hit our goals?” and you never get good answers.
❌ You feel like you’ve tried everything and you’re chasing your own tail.
❌ You’re relying on seasonal campaigns with aggressive discounts to make up for the bad months.
❌ You have no clue how to explain the stagnation to your investors.

And you’re desperate for:

⭐ A predictable and clear plan that you can feel confident about.
⭐️ A team that knows what’s the most important without your involvement.
⭐️ Knowing where to invest your resources to get the highest impact.
⭐️ Turning random ideas into purposeful strategies that not only generate immediate sales but also foster long-term growth.

We’re a great match 🙂

Notable highlights

Head of growth at startup achieving $1M+ MRR in a challenging sex tech industry
60%+ overall conversion rate increase by narrowing down the ICP and adjusting strategies and messaging to the different segments
Acquired major agency clients through tailored content and PPC strategies

Tell us more about your project and we’ll get you matched.

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