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Sr. Growth Marketing Manager at Productivity B2C SaaS
$3200 /mo
Monthly retainer
$50 /h
Min 10 hours blocks

Services offered

  • Product Positioning and Messaging

  • Product Launches and Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Website and Landing Page Optimization

  • Funnel Analysis and Optimization

  • Email Campaign Planning and Strategy

  • Email Design and Content Creation

  • Email Marketing Automation

  • Lead Generation and Scoring

  • SEO Strategy and Planning

  • Keyword Research and Analysis

  • On-Page Optimization

  • Technical SEO

  • Content Marketing Strategy and Planning

  • Content Creation and Production

  • Content Optimization for SEO and User Experience

  • Content Distribution and Promotion

  • Content Repurposing and Amplification

  • Content Performance Measurement and Analysis

  • Content Management and Organization

  • Landing Page Optimization


  • SaaS

  • HRTech

  • FinTech

  • MarTech

My Tools

  • Google Ads

  • Meta

  • Mixpanel

  • MySQL

  • Segment

What it’s like to work with me?

I specialize in bringing clarity to chaotic marketing environments, and enjoy both building from scratch and fixing a broken marketing machine.

What you can expect:

  • A clearer bigger picture of your marketing efforts
  • A practical approach to strategy that mixes short-term wins with long-term must haves, along with a clear plan
  • Hands-on work to support your team where they’re weaker, or dedicated 1:1 sessions if they need input / training
  • Clarity around performance, measurement, and success metrics
  • Strategy, process, and tooling recommendations / improvements – 100% involvement 🙂

Who I am a great fit for?

Early stage SaaS startups who need help with their marketing strategy or organic strategy, and don’t have the resources to plan / execute

SaaS scaleups who need clarity and a focused strategy to achieve results

Established SaaS companies who can’t see the big picture anymore and need help optimizing, prioritizing, analyzing marketing initiatives

Notable highlights

Grew organic channels 15%-40% MoM for SaaS companies in different industries, with results within the first quarter (off-site metrics, on-site metrics, revenue).
Brought in deals ranging from $5k to $400k via organic channels, across industries.
Brought a new website in top 10 for 250+ queries within 6 months post website relaunch through organic efforts.
Put in motion the organic machine for a multi-language website, with results (rankings, organic revenue) in the first quarter post website launch.
Led projects varying from unifying 2 different CMSs (backend, frontend) and redoing the entire domain architecture and user journeys, to website migration and development, marketing governance setup, and copy/content production and optimization for full websites.

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