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Growth Marketer for $0 -> $100M 2-Year-Old SaaS Company

I'm growth marketing manager at the fastest-growing SaaS or fintech company of all time by revenue, having grown to a $100 million revenue run rate in two years from launch. I am also ex-Oracle and ex-Google and growth marketing advisor for several Y Combinator companies.
  • SaaS
  • FinTech
  • EdTech
  • AdTech
$1500 /mo min monthly recurring
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Growth and Product Marketing Manager at HRTech

I'm a experienced growth marketer, data-driven product manager, 5-star startup mentor, media buyer for Fortune 500 & YC companies & certified team manager. I've previously successfully scaled an agency from 1-50+ and was responsible for $15M in ad-spend.
  • SaaS
  • Agency
  • FinTech
  • MarTech
  • Mobile Apps
$500 /mo min monthly recurring
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Experimentation Lead for Multinational Location Tech Company

I'm a growth marketer for a multinational consumer electronics and B2B location technology company with 6+ years of experience in CRO. I've grown app revenue for my current company by 100% YoY and have won the Experimentation Culture Awards for two consecutive years.
  • Ecommerce
  • SaaS
  • Mobile Apps
  • D2C
$300 /mo min monthly recurring
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Head of Product Growth at $2M+ Raised SaaS Startup

I'm a growth product manager and digital marketing expert with 8 years of experience and a co-founded startup under my belt. I've previously help a company achieve 20% MoM MRR for the past year and a 30% ARPU increase and generated 1000 weekly active B2C users with $0 marketing spend.
  • SaaS
  • EdTech
  • B2B
  • AI
$800 /mo min monthly recurring
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Growth Lead with 7+ Years SaaS B2B Experience

I'm a full stack marketer and growth lead with extensive experience in B2B SaaS. I recently executed growth strategies for a company that expanded the user base by 20%, achieved a 10% upswing in organic traffic through robust SEO strategies, and 5% reduction in CPAs for conversion campaigns.
  • SaaS
  • Sports
$1500 /mo min monthly recurring
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Founder, CTO, and CEO with eCommerce Experience

I'm founder and CEO of an agency helping D2C brands grow through improving acquisition and retention. I grew a fashion brand from $2M/mo -> $6M/mo in 17 months, increased sales 300% for an activewear brand, and increased sales 150% for a shapewear brand.
  • SaaS
  • Ecommerce
  • Cosmetics
$2000 /mo min monthly recurring

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Dan Gusz Co-founder of Lloyd
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How to Hire a Great Growth Manager

About Growth Managers

What does a fractional Growth Manager do?

A Fractional growth manager is a part-time or contract-based individual contributor position focused on optimizing a company’s growth. It’s typically sought out as one of the first hires for newer startups or smaller companies building out a growth function.

Here’s what a fractional Growth Manager typically does:

Identification and Testing of New Growth Opportunities

  • Identifies emerging and untapped growth opportunities.
  • Tests opportunities and builds an initial foundation for other teams to optimize with time.

Analysis of customer behavior

  • Analyzes customer behavior to identify which experiments and campaigns should have the greatest impact on growth.

Execution of Growth-Focused Marketing Campaigns

  • Builds out marketing campaigns focused on growing the user base.
  • Executes and analyzes the results of campaigns and their effects on growth.

Hands-on Experimentation Execution

  • Plans and executes experiments to test new growth channels and levers.

Cross-Team Collaboration

  • Works with product, engineering, and design teams to ensure product growth opportunities are maximized.
  • Collaborates with general marketing, customer success, and product marketing teams to increase chances of success for growth marketing campaigns.

Data-Driven AARRR Decisions

  • Analyzes data to determine what new channels and experiments will maximize growth.

A fractional Growth Manager provides the systems-based growth analysis and hands-on execution needed in the early stages of a growth program. For businesses just starting with a focus on growth, a fractional Growth Manager can serve as an excellent initial hire to build a growth function in a cost-effective way.

When to Hire

When should you hire a fractional Growth Manager?

Hiring a fractional Growth Manager is ideal for companies starting off with growth programs. Here are some scenarios when you might want to hire a fractional Growth Manager:

As a First Growth-Function Hire:

  • If your company is just starting out with building a growth function, a Growth Manager is a great first hire as they can execute growth campaigns.

To Achieve Post-PMF Growth:

  • Growth managers are best able to do their work after a company has achieved PMF. A fractional growth manager can be a cost-effective way to kick off post-PMF growth efforts.

To Cover Expertise Gaps

  • If you don’t have full marketing or product teams already in place, a growth manager can provide useful skills to execute in those areas.

For Data- and Systems-Thinking-Driven Perspectives

  • Growth managers sit in a unique role at the intersection of marketing, product, and research. Fractional growth managers can bring data-driven, systems-thinking mindsets to your company.

In Tandem with a Head of Growth

  • While a Head of Growth covers the leadership and strategic end of growth, a growth manager covers in-the-weeds execution. A fractional Growth Manager can be a fantastic way to provide a full-time Head of Growth with cost-effective execution support.

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