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Dan Gusz Co-founder of Lloyd
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Robert Van Den Bergh Co-Founder of Channel

How to Hire a Great Growth Team


What do growth teams even do?

Growth teams are specialized groups within a company, focused on driving business growth through data-driven strategies and experimentation.

Identify Growth Opportunities:
  • Growth teams evaluate current operations to find areas ripe for improvement or innovation.
  • They explore untapped markets and potential product enhancements for driving growth.
Conduct Experiments:
  • Growth teams design and implement experiments to test various growth-related hypotheses.
  • These experiments have specific, measurable goals like boosting user engagement or conversion rates.
Data Analysis and Decision Making:
  • Teams utilize data to shape and refine their growth strategies
Collaborate Cross-Functionally:
  • Growth teams collaborate with departments like sales, marketing, and product development.
  • They align efforts across different teams to work towards unified growth objectives.
Improve Iteratively:
  • Growth teams focus on achieving significant results through continuous, incremental improvements and adapt their strategies based on experiment outcomes.
Solve Problems:
  • They identify and address issues that obstruct the company’s growth
  • This involves enhancing customer journeys, internal processes, and market engagement strategies.


When to hire a growth team?

Deciding when to hire a growth team is a strategic choice that varies depending on the company’s stage, resources, and growth objectives. However, there are certain scenarios where bringing in a growth team can be particularly beneficial:

Product-Market Fit Achieved:
  • Consider a growth team when there’s clear demand for your product or service
Stagnant Growth:
  • Growth teams can revitalize businesses experiencing stagnant customer acquisition or revenue by offering new perspectives and strategies to boost growth.
Need for Specialized Skills:
  • Growth challenges sometimes require skills like advanced data analytics or digital marketing, a growth team can provide these specialized skills.
Expansion into New Markets:
  • Growth teams aid in entering new geographical markets or launching new product lines by developing targeted strategies for market entry and customer acquisition.
Data-Driven Culture:
  • Growth teams are great for companies that prioritize data-driven decision-making and want to use analytics to inform strategies and assess their impact.

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