$6000 / mo
Starting team engagement rate
We've got a Head of Growth, Performance Marketer, Data Scientist, SEO expert, and Product Marketer. All seasoned in health tech from our past gig together. Ready to dive in and drive growth. Are you in health tech and want to grow 10x this year? Let’s talk!

Services offered

  • Product Positioning and Messaging

  • Market and Competitive Research

  • Product Launches and Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Pricing Strategy and Monetization

  • Performance Measurement and Analysis

  • Strategy and Planning


  • Google Ads

  • Meta

  • Mixpanel

  • MySQL

  • Segment

Perfect fit for

B2B: SaaS, Sustaintech, ManufacturingB2C: EdTech, Marketplaces

What communication is like with us

Data drives our decisions, agility shapes our strategies, and strategic thinking leads to unparalleled success. Inspired by the pace and precision of the Fast & Furious, we’re a team that thrives on turning insights into action.

Our approach is dynamic, our tactics are tailor-made, and our results speak for themselves.Why settle for ordinary when you can race ahead with the best?

Join forces with us and experience marketing that’s not just fast – it’s effective, efficient, and always one step ahead. We’re the growth marketing team that takes your business from zero to hero, using data as our roadmap and innovation as our engine.Let’s accelerate your growth together.

Roles in this team

  • Customer segmentation analysis

  • Head of Growth

  • Head of Content

  • Head of SEO

  • Head of Marketing

  • High-value content marketing production

What we have worked on

  1. Led a digital marketing campaign that tripled user acquisition through innovative A/B testing and data analytics at a prominent SaaS company.
  2. Implemented a customer engagement strategy, increasing monthly active users by 250% with personalized content and user feedback.
  3. Achieved top-3 search engine rankings for key industry terms, dramatically boosting the platform’s online visibility and user traffic.
  4. Contributed to the development and launch of three major product features, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing churn by 40%.
  5. Successfully expanded into three new international markets, driving a 150% increase in revenue and diversifying the company’s global presence.

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