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Former Head of Growth at Developer Hiring Marketplace
$3000 /mo
Monthly retainer
$150 /h
Min 10 hours blocks

Services offered

  • Performance Measurement and Analysis

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Advertising and Retargeting Automation

  • SEO Strategy and Planning

  • Content Marketing Strategy and Planning

  • PPC Strategy and Planning

  • Campaign Structure and Setup

  • Ad Optimization and Testing


  • SaaS

  • Real Estate

  • HRTech

  • MarTech

My Tools

  • Google Ads

  • Meta

  • Mixpanel

  • MySQL

  • Segment

What it’s like to work with me?

Working with me is like adding a performance marketing department to your existing team – without having to hire a full team. I only work with a select number of companies so that I can really get in there and understand the business, the product and the audience from the ground up. I believe this, along with a focus on MER (Media Efficiency Ratio), is the only way to drive significant growth through performance marketing.

To this end, I am deeply involved in CRM, trying to understand both demographic and product usage data in order to direct actions accordingly. Always with a strong marketing and sales alignment. The clients I work with tell me they really enjoy the pro-activeness I bring to the table. I look at performance marketing holistically, rather than just managing a channel. So sending them tools to make it easier to track performance, suggesting new Hubspot properties to make tracking easier, or giving feedback on their organic LinkedIn videos to increase view time are just a few examples.

I’m also not afraid to suggest radical changes if the data or my years of experience (ideally a combination of both) make it clear. If I was paid $1 for every conversation I had with CMOs or CROs about moving from lead to demand gen, I could probably retire already 😀

Who I am a great fit for?

I work best with companies that:

  • Are looking for LinkedIn and Google ads support- Are in the B2B industry
  • Are between Seed and Series B and have between 11 and 200 employees
  • Have an existing marketing team (head, content, design) and are looking to either professionalize their performance marketing or build it from scratch
  • Have worked with performance marketing agencies in the past and had a bad experience (this is how I got 65% of my clients)
  • Have an advertising budget of at least $5,000 per month
  • Have a strong data foundation with the ability to track the funnel all the way to closed deals
  • Work with Hubspot or SalesForce
  • Have a minimum customer lifetime value of $8,000
  • Know their sales cycles
  • Have the commitment to test things for a long enough period of time

Notable highlights

Real estate software: Established LinkedIn ads as the #1 driver for HIRO, even outperforming outbound sales in terms of absolute numbers
POS software: Improved efficiency by reducing the Cost per Opportunity by 18% and increasing the ROAS from 250% to 290% while also increasing the number of customers from 5 to 44
Job board: Increased monthly generated inbound pipeline from 0 to a 6 month average of 52.000€
No code NLP platform: Increased number of monthly qualified demo requests from 2 to 12
Electronic signature software: Increased the number of inbound trials by 360% (YoY).

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