Pricing and contract options

Work fractionally with a world-class growth talent, or find your next salaried employee for a fraction of the cost of a recruiter.

Job Posting

$0 Completely free for a limited time only.
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    Commission: Experts take home 100%.

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    Satisfaction guaranteed: We’ll send matches till you make a hire, or ask us to stop.

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    Hire individuals or teams: Whether it’s one freelancer or a full fledged team, we got you.

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    Off platform hiring: Take the conversations and decisions off-platform, with full autonomy.

Whether it's consistent support or a short-term project boost, we got you covered. Dip your toes in as slow or as fast as you want.

Monthly Fractional Retainer

This setup's a winner if you're in need of consistent expertise over an extended period (think 3+ months). Secure ongoing bandwidth without worrying about refreshing your contract every month. Just set it and forget it.

Block of Hours

Ideal for trial runs, quick campaigns, or defined projects. Keen to assess a growth expert's fit before a bigger commitment? Here's your low-risk, high-reward gateway.

Direct Hire

If you already know you're in this for the long run, make it official from the get-go. Hire full-time growth talent directly with no recruitment fees.
Word on the street.
GrowthExpert transformed the way we approach growth marketing at TechNova. Their fractional talent seamlessly integrated with our team, driving remarkable results in record time
Hamel Shah Co-Founder of CarrotsAndCake
With GrowthExpert, we quickly connected with a top-notch expert who took charge of our growth strategies, effectively managing our project backlog with exceptional skill
Dan Gusz Co-founder of Lloyd
GrowthExpert’s platform provided us with rapid access to credible, vetted marketers. Their streamlined process and high-caliber talent pool were exactly what our ambitious projects required
Anna Pogrebniak Co-Founder, HealthBridge
The low-risk, high-reward approach of GrowthExpert was exactly what we needed. Their flexible engagement model allowed us to experiment and find the perfect growth strategy.
Robert Van Den Bergh Co-Founder of Channel

Picking the right talent is important, but we all have budgets. Here's a quick rundown of what can expect to pay to hire talent in our network.


Solid growth know-how. They shine when they're in the doing seat, executing upon growth strategies.


Deep-dive growth knowledge across channels. Self-sufficient, big on strategy, but not afraid to get their hands dirty.


The MVPs with years under their belt. They lead, strategise, and turn visions into realities.

Hiring made easy


Tell us what you’re looking for

Fill in the form to tell us a bit more about your company, your current growth, and your growth goals.

Good fit assessment

It’s not just our supply that’s vetted, our demand is too. We only syndicate job postings that we feel are a good fit for our talent pool.

We intro you to interested candidates within 24 hours

We use our home brewed AI matching system to shortlist 3 x contractors we think would be a perfect fit for you. We’ll keep sending you matches till you hire someone or ask us to stop.

Start an engagement off platform

If there’s a mutual fit, hire your expert off platform how you normally would any contractor via Revolut, Paypal, BTC, or whatever other payment method you agree upon.

Tell us more about your project and we’ll get you matched.

Find Your Next Growth Contractor in Hours. Zero Fees. Zero Hassle.

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Frequently asked questions

Posting a job on GrowthExpert is completely free. We believe in providing easy and direct access to top growth talent without any initial costs.

No, GrowthExpert charges 0% commission. Our model is designed to facilitate direct agreements between you and the talent, ensuring transparency and fairness in pricing.

Pricing is set by the individual growth experts based on their experience, skill set, and the nature of the work required. You can discuss and agree upon the rates directly with the expert.

GrowthExpert does not enforce a minimum contract period. Engagements can be as flexible as needed, ranging from short-term projects to long-term collaborations.

We encourage open and honest communication between clients and experts. If you’re not satisfied, we recommend discussing your concerns with the expert. If a resolution isn’t reached, you’re free to discontinue the engagement.

No, there are no hidden fees or charges. GrowthExpert is committed to transparency in all our operations. The only costs incurred are those agreed upon with your hired expert.

Our model does not involve charging the experts. Instead, only mentors from GrowthMentor with 10+ reviews who offer free advisory calls are eligible to be part of GrowthExpert.

This system creates a growth loop, encouraging mentors to actively contribute to the community by offering free advice. Our revenue comes from the businesses that use our platform to find and engage with these top-tier experts.

By investing in our mentors through this symbiotic relationship, we’re paying it forward, enriching both our mentor and client ecosystems. Our success hinges on the value we bring to both sides of the marketplace, driving a sustainable and community-focused business model.

Looking to join our talent pool? Learn more about becoming a mentor.