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Alex Marco
B2B Growth Marketer, LinkedIn Ads & Hubspot | Founder @ Advanceful | Purpose-Driven Agency | Filmmaker & DJ
$1500 /mo
Monthly retainer
$70 /h
Min 10 hours blocks

What it's like to work with me?

By working with me, you’ll get a hands on Growth Marketer to be by your side.

Someone who sees Growth as a full ecosystem, and don’t believe in marketing siloes.

Someone who is able to analyse your ecosystem on a holistic level, and create a plan to deliver growth.

Someone who is able to say no to multiple ideas to focus on what really drives the needle.

My process:

  1. Analyse your growth ecosystem and challenges
  2. Identify main growth challenges and avenues
  3. Prioritisation
  4. Implementation
  5. Iteration

As a Fractional leader, I do my best work if you’ve already figured out (or have good data) on your ICPs, industries, messaging and positioning.

You can expect a partner to help you steer your growth wheel and take your company to the next level.

Some of the companies I’ve helped:

  • SellerX, the fastest-growing unicorn in EU
  • Wagestream, one of the best FinTechs and corporate benefit in the UK.
  • Work for Impact, the impact-driven freelancer marketplace

Industries: Fintech, e-Commerce, Tech for Good and PLG SaaS, but always happy to try an exciting challenge (AI, I’m looking at you).

Who I am a great fit for?

I work best with companies that:

  • Are B2B & PLG in the tech, SaaS, impact or e-com industries
  • Have good data on ICPs, messaging and positioning
  • Have already tried some marketing acquisition channels and have some intel on them
  • Have a revenue of $500k-5m
  • Their audience can be targeted via LinkedIn

Notable highlights

Increased qualified inbound leads by 200% and their total value by 500% QoQ in the pipeline of the third fastest growing startup in Europe, obtaining a 22% ROAS from PPC & Paid Social
Led & set up the Strategic Marketing department in a remote setup from scratch, including hiring, training & managing a team of 4, as well as a network of freelancers and a dev agency
Managed $1m+ on Paid Social and drove 10x ROAS for a UK e-com via LinkedIn Ads, reducing Cost per Opportunity by 50%
Launched a B2C Android app, reached top #5 trending, acquired 20k users in 3 months, 10k MAUs, reducing CPI by 50%, CPA by 25% and churn rate by 15%
Cocreated 3 short-films (not too related to growth, but I'm really proud of this one)

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