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Former VP of Growth at Sequoia Backed Telco
$1250 /mo
Monthly retainer
$180 /h
Min 10 hours blocks


  • Automotive

  • FinTech

  • SaaS

  • Ecommerce

My Tools

  • Google Ads

  • Meta

  • Mixpanel

  • MySQL

  • Segment

What it’s like to work with me?

I am a data-driven Product Manager with a passion for creating innovative solutions that drive growth. I love having worked in many different of product environments, as I can now merge the variety skills and experiences I have built in to my work. The principle I follow is combining quantitive data and qualitative user research to find the true status quo of the product. By building a robust understanding of the product a clear product vision and roadmap can be formed. Are to take your product too the next level?

Who I am a great fit for?

I am a great fit if you are working on the following challenges:

🔍 Finding product market fit, using various discovery processes

🎯 Setting product goals and aligning them with business objectives

🗺 Developing a product strategy and roadmap for your product

📊 Using data to build compelling stories for your team and stakeholders

📝 Structuring customer research and capturing customer insights

💰 Raise funding for products & startups

Notable highlights

Launched and exited two companies. One was an app development agency and the second an online affiliate business.
Raised internal funding (€150,000) for a product while working at Accenture Interactive.
Launch and expanded B2B SaaS platform customer base from 5 to +250 customers across Europe, by successfully collaborating with marketing, sales and operations.
Increase brand engagement by 50% in the product and secure a 90% customer retention rate.
Introduced features that increased transaction of B2C customers by 23%.

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